Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Korean Movies on Netflix

(In order of Rating. 1-5 stars)
The Chaser (5)
I watched this alone at my house. It's based on a true story about a serial killer who kills girls. I was scared. Needless to say, I started watching more thrillers after this, but none have been nearly as good. The suspense in this movie is wonderful!!! It is so naturally created and the feelings are portrayed so well, that you will be rolling around pulling your hair out.
Mood: if you want to pull your hair out???
Rating: R (foul language, and gory and action scenes)
The Man from Nowhere (4.5)
Basically, the Korean version of Man on Fire. Man on Fire is awesome, watch it if you haven't. This movie is similar, it has to do with a little girl getting kidnapped, and the main character going on a crazy revenge chase to get her back. But, instead of child kidnapping in Mexico, this has to do with the Korean drug trade. It has lots of action, and is slightly unrealistic with all the guns shooting and the blood. Oh, the blood.
Mood: Kill them!!! Kill them allllllllll!!!!!
Rating: R (foul language, and gory and action scenes)
Once Upon a Time in High school  (4.5)
Every once in a while it is nice to watch a movie that is gritty, real, and slightly depressing. That pretty much describes this movie. A teenager transfers to an absolutely horrible school, has a difficult love situation, and does some awesome Bruce Lee. Maybe I like it so much because I love Kwon Sang-Woo.  He's really great in other movies too.
Mood: Uggg... school, and friends are so frustrating. No, never mind, there not. I mean, mine aren't anyways.
Rating: R (foul language, a lot of sexual talk)
My Tutor Friend 2 (4.5)
There is a number 1, but number 2 is way better in my opinion. Its really cute and funny. As usual, you have to appreciate Asian humor. If you like it, then you will love this, because it will give you a healthy dose. More comedy than romance, watch if you want to feel good.
Mood: Hm... I want to feel good.
Rating: PG
I'm a Cyborg but that's OK (4.5)
Very strange.... a little long, but, its worth it. I loved it. About a girl that thinks she is a cyborg, and gets put into a mental institution and another guy there who has impulsive stealing disorder. Its actually a love story. Who would have thought? Beware, it is a little creepy at times...dentures will never be the same after you see this.
Mood: I would like to be weirded out.
Rating: PG I think (might be swearing, might just be bad translation though)
Innocent Steps (4)
Just a really cute romance, about a guy that quit dancing and the usual timid girl/dense girl. Its pretty funny in some parts. This was the first movie I watched that made me realize that a romance can be just as sweet without kissing. Many Korean romances/dramas don't have kissing.
Mood: Snuggling on the couch and just staring. 
Rating: PG (may have foul language in subtitles)
The Good The Bad and the Weird (3.5)
Watch this if you want pure action, a really sexy bad guy, and a plot line that makes no sense. What the Japanese are attacking Mongolia, there's a map, who's the bad guy really, wait he doesn't have the map, what is he looking for then, wait who is she?!?! Oh, never mind. Wow, this scene of them trying to shoot each other on a train moving full speed while hanging out the window is great!!!
Mood: Hahaha!! Shoot, shoot shoot!!!!! Hahahaha!!!
Rating: R (for blood and action. But it was really mild if I remember correctly)
Attack the Gas Station 2 (3.5)
Completely utterly ridiculous  Has no theme really. Just a series of strange events that lead to one strange event after another. Watch this if you enjoy Korean Humor, and want to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all.
Mood: Bwahaha!!! He's so stupid!! He's threatening them with fire and diesel fuel! Everyone knows diesel isn't gas, so it won't light!!.....or will it?
Rating: PG (foul language in Subs)
Perfect Couple (3.5)
I really liked this movie, because the female lead is ridiculous, but she isn't dense or completely stupid. it would be a really fun movie to watch BUT the subtitles are horrible. So much of it isn't even subbed. I guess it would be considered a romance, but it wasn't really that romantic, just funny and with some action.
Mood: I love Korean movies so much I will put up with bad subtitles, and enjoy myself!!!!!
Rating: PG (foul language in Subs)
My Scary Girl (3)
The beginning of this movie seemed normal enough, but then it gets weird. Unfortunately it didn't flow too well, and failed to explain a lot, and it had a mediocre ending. BUT, the main character in my opinion is hilarious. He's so new to love, so there is a lot of awkward humor. I think my rating is due mostly to personal preference in movies, not the actual movie itself. Others enjoyed it more than I did.
Mood: Oh my gosh, they're kissing, like that!! Its so awkward!!! Hehehe! .....OK....what just happened?
Rating: PG
Romantic Island (3)
I romance about four different people, and there love lives on this vacation island. It has been awhile since I watched it. I thought it was fine, not that funny, not that romantic. Just fine. Yep. But, I like a little more action and/or humor.
Mood: I want to watch a romance, any romance, as log as its cute. 
Rating: PG
Old Boy (3)
This will probably be a pretty long review. This movie is crazy. Its fairly popular, because the plot is so well organized. First off it is a thriller. Essentially a 30 something father of a 5 year old girl gets suddenly kidnapped and locked in a hotel room for 15 years. Then he is suddenly released. Whoa.. it gets crazy. Everything makes perfect sense in the end though. But why the low rating? Well, this movie is sick. The whole plot is so twisted and horrible that your just sad and grossed out by the end. Also, it is a very graphically sexual movie. So, I can't really recommend this movie to anyone. 
Mood: I need some incentive to throw up, maybe if I watch this movie it will help. 
Rating: R (everything possible pretty much)
Finding Mr. Destiny (2.5)
I can't remember this movie much, probably because there wasn't much to remember  I pretty much always watch every movie through, but my cousin fell asleep halfway through. It was a romance, but it was slow and boring.
Mood: Tired and need a nice movie to fall asleep too.
Rating: PG
That's it for now! I'm sure I will watch more, and write more reviews in the future!


  1. wow thanks for this wonderful list ima look it up,so i can have a marathon for this..

  2. Just cause it's sick doesn't mean it's a bad movie. Oldboy should have been rated higher.

  3. I REALLY like the movie, but I most of how I rated is based on what I think people I know will want to watch. I mentioned that I don't think I could recommend this movie to many people.
    Oh, and did you know they are coming out with an American version. I want to watch it, but I'm really nervous. One of the things I like about a lot of Korean thrillers I have watched is how real and gritty they are, but American movies tend to make it so Dramatic and less personal.